It seems like it was only yesterday that Swedish occult priests Ghost unleashed their latest LP Prequell. 

However, it doesn’t appear like Cardinal Copia (aka Tobias Forge) and Co. are slowing down, with the group potentially sating their trve believers’ appetites with new music far sooner than expected.

In a recent interview with 100.5 KAAT, Forge revealed that there was “something coming” next year, and rest assured, it wouldn’t just be another covers record (alluding to 2013’s If You Have Ghost).

“There might be something else coming out next year, maybe, that might have been recorded already, that won’t be covers” hinted Forge, setting rumors alight that there could be a….sequell (heh) of sorts to come.

Check out the band’s latest video for Dance Macabre:


In addition to talking new music, Forge also hinted that the band would look into doing a live DVD “if the conditions were right.”

“If the production on the live front gets to the point where I want it to be, and if we happen to play two dates at a venue that caters to the full production and it’s somewhere geographically where there’s an audience who is very, very, very avid and very lively, I would love to record a film — a live, visual capture” said Forge.

“Certain countries just have a way to sort of appreciate things very noddingly — they’re nodding and they’re applauding and they have a drink in their hands, whereas if you go to Buenos Aires, they will fuckin’ trash the place, which is so much more fun to look at from a video point of view”.


When we might be able to expect this live album?

“[It] requires a lot of stars to align, so we’ll see if that happens on this cycle or the next cycle”said Forge, shooting down any chance that the band’s recent show at the Royal Albert Hall would be released on film.

With the band coming off the back of an enormous year, including a set to 80,000 fans at the acclaimed Wacken Festival in Germany, a live Ghost DVD at this point in their career would certainly be a treat, especially if accompanied by live music.

Horns crossed.